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Genji S. Ooka (Kid)


The first born of the founder of the Ooka Clan, Leon Sieg Ooka (Genji). Genji grew up protecting his younger sister, Rose. Rose grew attached to Genji as she they grew up, they could never be separated. The Ooka clan looked forward to Rose and Genji as they were the next in line for the clan, the two pure blood of the clan. Though, Leon tried to make it so that Genji would become a ruler, a killer for the clan, an Assassin. Genji on the other hand did not want to become this at the time. He paid more attention to Rose, the one who his father paid little attention to. He made sure no one in their small village would hurt her, they all knew that if they did, they'd have to to talk to him for explanation. Even when the two were in their academy, you would never see the two of them apart, if they were not family you would have thought they were a couple. Even so Rose and Genji did score the highest in their classes, Leon didn't pay much attention to Rose, only saying that she could do better and be like her brother Genji. Genji on the other hand praised her much, with his smiles and love.

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